Alleged Siev-X people smuggler arrested in Sweden
ABC News
Last Update: Friday, May 23, 2003. 4:42pm (AEST)

The Federal Government says it will seek to extradite an alleged people smuggler who has been arrested in Sweden following an international investigation.

Khaleed Daoed was arrested in Sweden yesterday following a request from Australian authorities.

More than 350 people died after the vessel known as Siev-X sank on its way to Australia.

It is alleged Mr Daoed and Abu Quassey were involved in trying to bring people to Australia aboard the Siev-X.

Mr Quassey has been detained in custody in Egypt.

The Minister for Justice and Customs, Chris Ellison, says authorities are preparing to extradite both men to Australia.

If extradited and convicted of people smuggling charges, Mr Daoed faces up to 20 years in prison.

"If Abu Quassey's extradition is refused, Australia will seek his prosecution in lieu and will assist Egyptian authorities in every way legally possible," he said.

"The Commonwealth Government remains totally committed to having both Abu Quassey and Khaleed Daoed face justice in Australia for their alleged involvement in SIEV-X," he said.

Mr Ellison has thanked Sweden for tracking down and arresting Mr Daoed.


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