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This database is based on information contained in DIMIA's fact sheet no. 74a which 'gives details of... people who have arrived illegally in Australia by sea since 1989'. Info re the numbers aboard the Palapa comes from Marr & Wilkinson's Dark Victory. Numbers of passengers on the boats that sailed in late 2001 that were intercepted under Operation Relex comes from the 'Matrix' - a table contained in the Appendix of the Report of the Select Committee on A Certain Maritime Incident. Names of many of the boats that sailed in 1999 and 2000 comes from DIMA's Answers To Questions on Notice to the 2001 Joint Committee Inquiring Into Coastwatch.

(For more recent information on boat arrivals during the Rudd and Gillard era see 'Boat Arrivals in Australia since 1976' and
SIEVs 1 - 374 and DIAC FOI document containing SIEVs 226-811)

If you have information that could help to plug some of the gaps in the database, please contact us


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